Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Painted stone and artsy bracelet holder

Hello everyone!

I was feeling crafty a few days ago and wanted to make something decorative for my room but also something with a purpose as well. I was scrolling down Pinterest and I came across some beautifully painted stones and because I had a lot of different stones collected from trips and hikes I thought "what a good idea" :) And I also have seen this wonderful post on one of my favorite website, I totally fell in love with the stones and just the whole setup.

So I prepared my acrylic paint set, some small brushes, chose a big, heart shaped stone and a little round stone I liked, drawn out the design I wanted to paint and got to it. I ended up with two different designs of stones, one is like a summery blue and white design and the other one, my favorite is a black and white owl design. 
I really like how they turned out, I am no professional painter or anything but it was easy to do, and they look great on my vanity table! 
To complete the summery "by the see" feeling that I got from the post on DesignLoveFest website I decided to also make a decorative wooden piece, that I have been seeing all over different design sites and magazines. I found a cool looking branch on a hike, a few weeks ago and couldn't figure out what to do with it until now. So I cleaned it and painted it white. It looks so clean and cool on it's own as well but I thought it would make a great bracelet holder so I stacked a few of favorite, chunky bracelets on it and I love, love, love the look of it!

So here are some photos of the process and the end results. Enjoy and tell me what you think about them, and maybe try them out as well :)

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DSC05297 DSC05293 DSC05311 DSC05316 DSC05317 DSC05323

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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